YAWS: Yet Another Web Sudoku

YAWS is a progressive Sudoku puzzle app that hopes to create a unified user experience across multiple device types. It is able to generate and solve challenging puzzles in a consistent manner via the use of Web Assembly for its core code.

The project is currently in an early stage of development with the goal of incorporating robust features such as customizable keyboard controls, saving and sharing game states, hints, and more.

A prototype build is available for viewing at: sudoku.nxn.io

Latest Posts

Latest Posts
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Waffle-Iron: Sudoku Solver & Generator

Waffle-Iron is a sudoku puzzle solver and generator written in Rust. It's capable of being compiled into WebAssembly and executed from within a browser, where it offers consistent and improved performance in comparison to similar JavaScript implementations.

Project Repository: GitHub

3D Gear Model

Results of my first serious attempt at learning 3D modelling; created using Blender.

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